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Textiles of Alor aims to spread knowledge and understanding of the textile heritage of Alor Regency through publication of research online and in print, ongoing documentation, and through temporary exhibits.

Textiles of Alor

This e-book is an introduction to the textiles handwoven by several ethnic groups residing on Alor, Ternate, and Buaya Islands, the first publication to cover this subject. Textiles of the Alurung, Batulolong, Kui, and Taruamang or Wersing cultural groups are highlighted in part 1 of a series aimed at celebrating Alor Regency's textile heritage. This link takes you to the 1st edition, a revised edition will be available later this year.


Textiles of Alor

Alurung Ikat Weaving Collection Catalog

The Culture Service of Alor Regency published a catalog in 2022 based the accompany a temporary with the same name. Both English and Indonesian language versions of the book are available. Contact us if you want to purchase your own copy.


The Textiles of Alor team was awarded a grant from the Endangered Material Knowledge Project to document Alurung textile production. The project will end in 2024.

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