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Tenapi Belang (Alurung Culture)

Members of the Suku Uma Tukang or Uma Tukang (Middle Brother) patrilineage[1] of the Alurung ethnic group wear the Tenapi Belang as an identity marker. There are different types of Tenapi Belang, but the kind serving for Uma Tukang members of Umapura Village consists of bold white and orange stripes in its design format. A Tenapi Belang Kelake is decorated only with white stripes and is not considered an adat garment or attire that is

worn for rituals or to represent patrilineage.

Characteristics of a Tenapi Belang include:

- The garment consists of two panels of warp ikat decorated fabric

- The ground is traditionally dyed with morinda, producing a brown-red color

- Wide orange and white stripes are distinguishing traits. Generally, there are two pairs of white stripes and 1.5 orange stripes. Thus, the two panels composing a garment are not identical

- The largest or principal rows of warp ikat patterning are near the ends of the garment.

- Different-sized bands of warp ikat, or secondary and tertiary rows, and multi-colored stripes flank the principal bands and large orange and white stripes.

[1] The Suku Uma Tukang exists in Alor Kecil and Dulolong, Northwest Alor Sub-district, Alor Regency, NTT, Indonesia. It also occurs in Umapura Village in Ternate Island, Northwest Alor Sub-district, Alor Regency, NTT, Indonesia.


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